May 15th, 2015

Featured Engagement Session

As the grays and browns of the winter season are replaced with the freshness of Spring’s colors, I’m filled with a new sense of creativity and excitement for the season ahead. Not only are we leaving behind the dreary days of winter, but also the quieter season of photography, moving into brighter, busier days ahead. The number of sessions and level of anticipation increases as the momentum of the new season builds.

Over the past several months, I’ve had the opportunity to reflect on goals, dreams, and my vision as a photographer. I didn’t end up with pages of new ideas and lists of changes to make. I always return to the bottom line that no matter what seasons and changes come in the photography world, I will always strive for the same end result–timeless photos that outlive the changes of seasons, trends, and even decades.

More than keeping up with trends, I will always work towards better capturing the weight of the moments I’m invited to photograph. Sure, techniques can be improved, skills sharpened, and processes perfected, but these will only enhance my ability to reach my ultimate goal.

While these quieter months have given me time to shift my focus to developing my business and reflecting on the bigger picture of my work, they’ve also given me the fresh perspective I need to continue to strive towards meeting my goals one photo at a time.

I am proud to announce that with this fresh perspective in 2015 one of my recent engagement sessions is featured on United With Love. Here’s a sneak peak at the session:


  1. Awesome shots!

  2. Thank you Lily!

  3. WOW! i absolutely LOVE these!!!