Photography and Social Media

social media impacts on photography


When I started out in wedding photography, I remember word of mouth was my primary source of referrals.  I recently saw a major shift in many of the the weddings I photographed.  I have seen many trends; however, the following have been the biggest:

1) More and more camera phones and tablets…yes, I cringe every time I see someone holding an iPad at a ceremony.  However, I can always count on seeing one every few or so weddings.  This means more and more people are posting to social media outlets as things happen.

2) Couples using hashtags for family and friends to use to compile a metadata used across Facebook, Instagram, and other social media outlets that use hashtags.  I have begun tagging a lot of my clients photographs with their respective hashtags and have had many guests view my portfolio that way.  Just a random fact: the word hashtag has recently been added to the Oxford English Dictionary in June 2014.  That’s a big deal!

3) Clients are finding me through Facebook tags, Google Image searches, and Wedding networks over the past year.  More than 70% of my inquiries in 2014 are from social media outlets compared to 100% from word of mouth, direct email/phone call, and website in 2013.

These are all trends that heavily impact how I conduct business moving forward into 2015.  The way I market and socialize will be different as compared to how I did it in 2013 and even parts of this year.  I am happy to say that with the launch of the new website we are heading in the right direction in terms of how we have rebranded and refreshed Hieu Pham Photography.  I am delighted of the things to come in 2015!

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