A Groom's Perspective

Planning a Wedding in Austin, Texas

A Groom's PerspectivePlanning a wedding often defaults to the bride’s perspective; her dress, the ring, the cake, flowers and countless other details she has most likely dreamed of for much of her life. The groom has an important say in it all, but the day is not as often viewed through his eyes. What does the wedding day look like from his vantage point? One groom shares his perspective from where he stood on the big day.

What did you want to see captured in the photos?

“Fun! I wanted to look back and remember the feelings of the day, the celebration, and relive the excitement of our wedding day. I didn’t want only the traditional, formal photos. I wanted to see the activity, scenes, and moments of the day. I witnessed and was a part of many things, but I also missed a lot in the busyness, so I am thankful that the photos captured so much more.”

Why are the photos with the groomsmen important to you?

“These photos capture the strongest male supports in my life. It was important to have them stand along side of me on my wedding day. The photos took a still of the solidarity that is displayed in their support. When I look back, these men have been a part of my life at various times from college until now. It meant a lot to me to have all of them together and the photos serve as a great reminder of their friendship.”

What photos are most meaningful to you?

“The photos from our reception are some of my favorites. They show the scope of support we have from friends and family and capture the joy we were feeling while celebrating with them.”

What comes to mind when you look back at the “first look” photos?

“It was surreal. The photos capture the excitement and anticipation of the moment before I saw my soon-to-be bride. We had a few moments to take in seeing each other, let our nerves settle, and process the reality that we were about to be married! We have these photos of just the two of us to look back on and remember that special moment.”

As your day approaches, think through how the wedding will be viewed through each person’s eyes. What memories will others share? What parts of the day will you see first hand? What did each scene look like from another person’s perspective? How does this impact you you’d like your day to be photographed? Discussing each person’s point of view ahead of time will help to capture the memories important to both the bride and groom and create photos that will tell the story through multiple people’s eyes.

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