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Get to Know Your Photographer

selecting wedding photographer hieu pham photography dc md vaWhile deciding on a photographer, you may have met once or twice to discuss ideas, packages, prices, and style, but you may not have gone too far beyond that. It’s not likely that you will spend a lot of time with your photographer prior to the wedding, so the time you do have will be important.

The wedding day will be bustling with activity, maybe even stressful at times, so establishing a comfort level with the person who will be capturing everything from the behind-the-scenes moments to the public declaration of vows, will put everyone at ease. A little familiarity will go a long way. Start by discussing the following:

-Communicate you ideas, desires, and plans ahead of time. Waiting until the last minute to explain the specifics of your vision for the day will leave everyone feeling rushed and unsure of the plan.

-Make a list of the details of the wedding day that excite you the most and share these with the photographer. Is it the flowers, food, favors, centerpieces, handmade crafts, gifts, or jewelry that set the day apart as your wedding? Hearing which details are important to you will help set the focus.

-Ask the photographer for tips and ideas to help the day be as organized as possible with the wedding party, guests, and ideal times to capture specific moments. Work through a plan to make sure you get the photos you envision in the midst of the hustle and bustle, and then trust the photographer’s experience and knowledge.

-Discuss your desire to take engagement photos or to schedule a bridal session before the wedding. You’ll naturally be more comfortable if your wedding day isn’t the first day you’ve worked with the photographer.

Getting to know your photographer, communicating your desires, and scheduling an engagement or bridal session will help put everyone at ease when the wedding day arrives. Get to know the person who you’ve invited to share in this special day! You’ll feel more at ease, be able to relax, enjoy the day, and have photos that reflect your wedding day just as you envisioned they would.

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